Process Safety

Process Safety Management  - Program Development/Modification

Audits – Compliance, other

Do you need certification? Let ARE train you or your staff. Safety certifications from Conroe, TX, include LO/TO, NFPA 70e, scaffolding, powered industrial trucks, and much more.

Click the above image to see a listing of what we offer between ARE Consulting and IASHEP.

Very soon we will have a new set of certification level classes to offer - keep coming back to the site for new offerings and class schedules.


Hazard Analysis

Is it time for your 5-year revalidation?  

Have you ever tried a third party PHA leader?  There are benefits to having a fresh mind and outside viewpoint.

Have you tried a third party lead and been disappointed with the service or quality. 

Give A.R.E. a shot.   We have been performing hazard analysis for over 25 years - HAZOPs, HAZIDs, FMEAs, etc.  


Have you had an incident and would like third party to review the findings? 

Would you like us to conduct the investigation entirely? 

Let A.R.E. assist or lead you in your investigation as well as developing actionable results. 


Facility Safety Solutions

Let  A.R.E. assist you with your Facility Safety issues as well.  

      * Ensure your safety programs are compliant as well as best

      * Ensure safety plan has been applied and is effective.  

      * Conduct, document and track training.  

      * Conduct facility audits to determine areas for improvement.

Incident Investigation

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PSM Element Improvements